IN order to wind up a Trust Estate, the Subscriber will SELL the following HOUSE PROPERTY, at prices which will secure a large and permanent return to the Purchaser.


That large and well frequented INN, south side of the GRASSMARKET, presently occupied by Mr John Horseburgh, together with excellent Stables for about 50 horses, with Hay-lofts, Shades, Cellars, and other convienences, situated in a large Court behind the Inn. Also, the SHOP and HOUSE, on the under flat, occupied by Mr William Henderson, Spirit dealer, with extensive Cellars, Washing-house, &c. behind.

These premises were let on lease last year to Mr Horseburgh and Mr Henderson, at the reduced rent of 100.—Price only 1200.—No Feu-duty.


That Self-contained HOUSE, newly built, in BROWN'S PLACE, VENNEL, occupied by Mr James Brown, consisting of five Rooms and a Kitchen, with Water-pipe, Soil-pipe, and Water-closet, and Cellars in the area, and with Plot of Ground in front. Also, an excellent family HOUSE, of the same dimensions and same conveniences, lately occupied by Mr William Henderson. together with six small HOUSES connected by a stair behind.

This large Tenement is all newly built, and in order to secure a Sale, will be sold for 950.—No Feu-duty.


Ten HOUSES in flats, all newly built, in BROWN'S PLACE, and pleasantly situated, each consisting of three Rooms and a Kitchen, with Water-pipe, Soil-pipe, Water-closet, Cellars, with Bleaching-ground behind and in front. Also, a WORK SHOP and STABLE connected with this lot.

This Property is also all new, and will be sold for 2100, which is an average of only 200 for each House, and 100 for Workshop and Stable.—No Feu-duty.

The above will prove a valuable investment, as the whole rental is secured to the purchaser, in consequence of the property being entirely free of feu-duty.

For further particulars, apply to the Subscriber, who is Trustee on the Estate.

14, St Andrew's Street,
23d April, 1834.

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STATE OF THE VENNEL.—For years farmers have been complaining of the dangerous state of the Vennel—the great thoroughfare on Wednesdays between the corn and the cattle markets. Every market-day, limb and life are endangered here; and scarcely a Wednesday passes without some one falling and injuring himself. On Wednesday last there were two or three tumbles, and it is not at all improbabale that some day we shall have to report a case of a fatal accident here—entirely owing to the unsafe character of the passage; in which case the Streets and Buildings or Paving Board authorities, who have often been warned about the disgraceful condition of the Vennel, could hardly be held altogether blameless. If the nature of the ground precludes them from making the road less steep, they should at least break the steepness by a flight of steps, such as we see in other parts of the city, and place a railing along the side. This would cause no great expense, and it is the more called for that those whose lives are weekly imperilled contribute no inconsiderable proportion to the city revenues.

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GRASSMARKET and BROWN'S PLACE.—In Dowell's, 65 George Street, on 19th November, at 2.30 p.m. (unless previously sold privately) substantial block of SHOP and HOUSE property subject to tenants' rights, Nos. 21, 23, 25, 27, and 29 GRASSMARKET, and 1 to 5 BROWN'S PLACE. Rental, 524; no feu-duty. Upset price, 5000. Further particulars from ALEXANDER ADAMS0N, 32 St Bernard's Crescent, Factor; or ROLLAND McNAB & CO., S.S.C., 6 Randolph Crescent, who hold the titles and articles of roup.

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